Alpharetta Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are both functional and ascetically beautiful. They function to prevent erosion and control water drainage; in addition, their beauty adds major value to your home. Retaining walls made of quality materials can last for a life-time. At Champion Lawn Care, we pride ourselves in using the most up-to-date retaining wall construction methods as well as quality materials in every retaining wall we construct.

Retaining Wall Repairs Cumming GA

We construct our timber walls with six-foot by six-foot, precisely-cut timbers arranged in a sturdy “dead-men” formation to ensure that our timber retaining walls are as strong as possible. By placing timbers at 90 degree angles (the “dead-men” way) our timber walls are built to provide maximum strength and attach securely to any embankment. In addition, we reinforce the structural soundness of our timber retaining walls with a three-foot rebar. You won’t find a longer-lasting timber retaining wall than ours. Not only will the walls be functional, they will enhance your landscape design.

Dunwoody Retaining Walls

For folks who prefer brick or stone retaining walls, we construct those as well. We take the same care in the construction of these retaining walls as with the timber ones. Retaining walls constructed of stone or brick have a bit of an advantage to the timber ones in that they are not as susceptible to rot. We suggest using stone when you want a more formal look or need curvature to your wall; and, we advise the use of brick when you need a straight wall application. Regardless of what material you choose to use, at Champion we strive to guide you towards a style that will fit into your home’s look, and we take into consideration any personal preferences you may have without giving up the advantages you need to obtain from your wall. A great-looking wall won’t last long if it doesn’t provide proper drainage and serve the function for which it is meant for.

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Call Champion for the expert knowledge and customer service you require for your retaining wall needs. Regardless of what type retaining wall you choose, we promise to use our expertise to advise you wisely and construct the most durable retaining wall possible. Contact our Alpharetta Retaining Wall Company for your retaining wall needs.

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